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Long Island Live Steamers, Southaven Park Long Island, The Best kept secret of Long Island
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Long Island Live Steamers' History Archive

This is where you can find the historic roots of Long Island Live Steamers and Railroading in general. As our history and that of railroading are described, and as we add to that body of knowledge, these pages will expand as well. Check back often for the latest additions. "Fading Scenes" is the collection of articles published in our Newsletter "Smoke Signals" which is mailed to all our members. These interesting articles are published here for your enjoyment. The articles about Tom Oversluizen are included to honor him and his outstanding contribution to our club, but they are also included also because they highlight much of the important elements of our club's history.
Thank you for your interest.

Hot Stations and Hotter Cars: The Subways

By John Scala

As you descended down to the train platforms, there were three things that caught your eye: tiles, the advertising billboards, and the steel girders. Topping it all off was a thin film of dirt that covered everything in sight.

All of the subway stations walls were literally covered with tile. They were either square or rectangular in shape and almost all were white. The station stop and directions to other lines and exits were spelled out using different color tiles. A distinct color tile border was engrained towards the top of the walls. Since each of the subway divisions were built at different times

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"Smoke Signals" Honors Tom Oversluizen

By John Mehrling

2009 is the 43rd Anniversary of Long Island Live Steamers. Incredible! This longevity is the result of the tremendous amount of work from hundreds of members through all those years. But there is one member of the club who has been at the very center of our club since the beginning - Tom Oversluizen.

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Our Public Run days are usually scheduled for the second and last Sundays of the month from May through October.